Fanaka is swahili for success. The core of our mission at Fanaka is to enable youth to succeed personally and professionally through mentorship.

Tanzania, as a young economy, graduates a number of youth who are unprepared to enter the labor force due to gaps in the education system and weak professional development programs.


Each year, there is a growing pipeline of graduates that lack technical competencies, soft skills, digital capabilities and motivation to further entrepreneurial or employer objectives. This poses a threat to the continued development of the country and inclusive economic growth as most of the students come for disadvantaged backgrounds.

The curriculum in public schools is focused on academics, leaving students less equipped with professional development skills such as writing, public speaking, interviewing, or curriculum vitae and cover letter preparation. Hence, pairing these students with caring adults who can provide guidance and direction based on their own experience and expertise can help them succeed in a professional setting later in life and also encourage them to excel academically.

At Fanaka, we’re passionate about giving back and making sure that students thrive no matter their circumstances. Our program gives young professionals in various fields the opportunity to guide students as they navigate high school and start making decisions that will forge their career paths. 

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