Fanaka is swahili for success. The core of our mission at Fanaka is to enable youth to succeed personally and professionally through mentorship.

Our program exists to close gaps in Tanzania's public school system by guiding and exposing youth to skills and attributes that are key for success in today’s professional world.

Our fundraising strategy is community driven. Our program relies on pledges and in-kind gifts from our founders, families, well-wishers and the private sector. Contact us to learn more on how you can support our cause.

We could use all the support we can get (i.e. time, volunteers or advice). Your generosity will go a long way in improving our workshops and making sure our mentees meet their mentors on a regular basis.

Our mission is to create a continuous culture of mentorship amongst students and professionals in Tanzania so as to generate individuals who understand and appreciate the need for guidance and giving back as attributes of a successful career.

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Graduation 2018: Fanaka mentees